Things I like

This weekend was filled with things I like. I like bike racing for a start, but sometimes I end up sacrificing fun in order to travel and sate my competitive edge. This weekend, no compromises were made in the pursuit of a fulfilling experience. Salida is a town I’ve driven past more times than I […]



The coffee machine gets turned on. Not in itself a rare or noteworthy occasion. Time is what is different. The sun is coming through the windows from the other direction, and its intensity ensures there is no confusion of the hour. Afternoon espresso’s lead to awesome evenings. The smell of freshly ground beans mixes with […]

Group ride on Switzerland (16)


Escapism. Denial. Call it what you want. Therapy. Masochism. We all do it. Each turn of the pedals removes logical thought; with each stroke to be replaced by the freedom of an empty mind and burning lungs. Tunnel vision ensues, and tunnel-thoughts follow. No need to think further than the top of the climb, no […]


Trail work

I had to stop, I couldn’t just flow on by. It was hard though; I’d only just got back in the groove and I didn’t know how long it was going to last. It had been stop and go all day – not more than 2 minutes of riding between trail work. We knew we […]


The Top Step

I’d been struggling to recover all week, and the combination of a sudden upturn in work hours, and a large quantity of beer with good friends had meant that Friday evening came around sooner than I thought. As I sat drinking one of above mentioned beers with good friends, I deliberated whether I should be […]


Accidental Ned Ride

Its a Thursday. Work just happened. Due to the wonders of modern technology, we have now convened on 9th and Baseline. To some, this might not be a significant meeting place, but to those who know bikes and boulder, you know it leaves only one option – Flagstaff. What can you achieve leaving town at […]


Prescott diaries

We look across at each other – its now official, I’ve set the record. Never before have I pushed my endurance this far, and I’m sure this is a new experience for Jason, too. It started just after Noon, and now the sun is arching its way towards the pine clad hills in the distance. […]