Category: Racing

  • Remotivating

    I had a bit of bad luck racing cyclocross in November, and it was the wake up call I needed to get back into cross after collegiate nationals. I raced down in Broomfield at Interlocken, and got a little over zealous in a corner, ending up sliding along the grass with my foot still clipped […]

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  • Grand Junction Offroad

    Grand Junction Offroad

    This is a very belated write up on the Grand Junction Offroad race that took place at the end of August. It’s taken me a while to get around to putting pen to paper since the last three weeks have been chaotic! I’ve been settling into life as a normal person, rather than pretending to […]

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  • The Steamboat Stinger

    I’ve raced the Steamboat Stinger since its inception in 2011; since the first year I was racing Mountain Bikes in Colorado. It wasn’t intentional, but it’s become the only race to stand the test of time. It’s become a yardstick for where I am in the year, where I am in the world, where I […]

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  • Back in the Game

    Back in the Game

    I’ve really missed competitive Mountain Biking: I haven’t done enough of it this year. My return to Colorado set the stage for a return to the wonders of XC racing, and I was really happy to race in Winter Park this last weekend. I started my Mountain Bike career in the Grand Valley, at the […]

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  • Tiroler Alpen Bike Challenge

    Tiroler Alpen Bike Challenge

    Race time. It’s a familiar feeling; one that my body has been craving for too long. I have neglected the competitive addiction, one that must be sated for everything to seem right in the world. The internal feelings are unmistakable; restless legs, concern for every unit of energy spent, and food constantly consumed. The external […]

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