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Apply my analytical thinking and strong communication skills to a fast paced and inventive work place. Contribute ideas, knowledge and enthusiasm to a team-working environment. Find a workplace where I can contribute and learn in equal measures. Improve myself and my workplace at the same time.


What’s so special about the video below? It was edited in 10 minutes flat, on a cell phone at the trailhead, and on YouTube before we’d even got home. I can shoot high quality video , edit proficiently and quickly, and produce dynamic content in real time.


[section=Owner – Boulder Cycling Collective LLC, Boulder Colorado.] Manage a $10,000 a year cycling team based out of Boulder, Colorado. This involves acquisition and liaison with potential sponsors, and drafting of contracts from both sponsors and athletes. Handling of travel and event planning; booking flights and entering races, ensuring athletes are qualified for particular events, and negotiating with promoters to receive benefits at certain events. Organisation and distribution of equipment and goods obtained through sponsorship, and communication with athletes to ensure everyone is satisfied with current proceeding. (January 2012 – Present)[endsection]

[section=Instructor – Department of Integrative Physiology, University of Colorado.] Instructor for Human Anatomy Lab course. Teaching senior level college students in Integrated Physiology the information they need to progress to medical school. The lab is a small group learning environment where I must balance the needs of each student whilst ensuring progress throughout the semester. The hands on nature of Anatomy lab means I have become very adept at explaining problems graphically. (August 2013 – May 2014) [endsection]

[section=Research Assistant – Department of Integrative Physiology, University of Colorado.] Scientific research into the role of current drugs in the treatment of depression, and development of new therapies to better alleviate the burden of depression on patients. This work has involved high-throughput data analysis using automated sampling techniques, and associated data analysis. Alongside the experimentation, I have undertaken a large amount of science policy study, as funding decisions in science are directly related to the status of the federal government. Science research has given me an analytical and organised mindset, where problems are first laid out and communicated within a team, and then an action plan is implemented to solve that problem. Communication has been key in my research; an ordered written publication is always produced to display results. This has given me very strong writing skills. (August 2013 – Present) [endsection]

[section=Research Assistant and Lab technician – Department of Pharmacology, Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria.]Utilisation of electron microscopy for the tracing of neuronal pathways. My duties involved maintenance and upkeep of complex scientific equipment in a busy lab, and ensuring that effective scheduling allowed experiments to be run concurrently. The facility was used by multiple departments; minimising downtime of the microscopes was essential to maximising its potential. (January 2013 – May 2013)[endsection]

[section=Team manager – Epic Pro Cycling team, Boulder Colorado.]Manage day to day communication between athletes and team directors to ensure that race planning and travel was organised smoothly. Regular updating of the teams’ social media and new streams, requiring familiarity with HTML and CSS coding was needed. Liaise with team members and sponsors to ensure updates and news was regular and relevant. Manage social media profiles including Facebook and Twitter. (January 2011 – January 2012)[endsection]

[section=Professional Research Assistant – Institute for Behavioral Genetics, University of Colorado.]Collaboration with pharmaceutical companies for the development and improvement of smoking cessation therapeutics.Planning and implementation of novel scientific investigations, leading to analysis of complex data sets, and transformation into meaningful and understandable results. Production of written and verbal protocols, including self-editing and fact checking. Production of high quality publication grade articles and papers for release into scientific and general media. Design and delivery of presentations to large audiences. (October 2010 – December 2012)[endsection]

[section=Undergraduate lab technician – Institute for Behavioral Genetics, University of Colorado.]Investigations into the neuronal basis of nicotine addiction. Organised and efficient problem solving through formulation of a question of interest, to hypothesising a solution, and clearly identifying a research pathway to answer the question. This year long work study period produced a large amount of data that was published in professional scientific journals. (August 2008 – August 2009)[endsection]


University of Bath – Bath, Somerset UK

[section=Master (with Honours) of Biology (Neuroscience)]Graduated with Second class honours, first division (US GPA 3.8 Equivalence) Awarded Pfizer prize for best placement project in class. Undertook a year-long work study program at the University of Colorado. Areas of specialisation: Molecular Neuroscience Developmental Biology Gene regulation and cell differentiation[endsection]

Ilfracombe College – Devon UK

[section=British high school education to the age of 18.]Graduated with equivalent of US high school diploma with GPA of 3.8. A – Levels: 2004 – 2006: Maths, Biology, Physiology, General Studies. GCSEs: 2002-2004: 11 passes at A-C including Maths A*, English A and Sciences A[endsection]

Relevant skills and Experience

[section=Advisor]University of Colorado Cycling team. Direct student officers in the successful running of the team, including finances, recruitment, and event organisation. Ensure positive publicity for the team through written and presented team news, liaising with cycling media to increase team visibility and ensure recruitment for the next season.[endsection]

[section=Tutor]Teaching collegiate and high school students on a private basis. I have taught a wide variety of subjects from Biology related topics, to Statistics and German. Tutoring requires not just good communication, but also the discipline to arrive prepared to sessions, organisation and scheduling around other commitments, and a person interest in the achievements of your students.[endsection]

[section=Statistics Analysis]Professional and private interest in Statistics and data analysis. Through my employment as a researcher, I have become very adept at large data analysis using the R platform. Control over my own data has allowed me to be much more productive in other aspects of my work.[endsection]

[section=Design and Editing]Adept at the use of Adobe Creative Suite for the design and production of proposals, newsletters and images. This has mainly been focussed on work needed for my cycling team. I can create and edit logos, and produce a wide variety of products that share a visual identity.[endsection]

[section=Writing]I have maintained a personal blog for the last three years, with a regular readership of 200-500 people. In addition to this, I have written news reports and articles for local cycling magazines and websites. This creative and informal writing strongly complements my academic and technical work, and gives me the ability to present complex ideas to people who are not trained in a technical area.[endsection]

[section=Web Administration] Over five years of content management on multiple website platforms, including WordPress and Drupal. Basic understanding of HTML and CSS languages.[endsection]


Baddick, C. G. and M. J. Marks “An autoradiographic survey of mouse brain nicotinic acetylcholine receptors defined by null mutants.” Biochemical Pharmacology 2011 Oct 15;82(8):828-41

Hobbies and Interests

[section=Cycling]Competitive cyclist across multiple disciplines. Race mountain bikes, cyclocross and road bikes. In 2013 I won the Collegiate National Mountain Bike Championships in Banner Elk, North Carolina. I am an integral part of the cycling community in Boulder, and I regularly volunteer my time to help out collegiate cycling in Colorado.[endsection]

[section=Skiing and Climbing]I take full advantage of outdoor opportunities available in Colorado, including backcountry skiing and mountaineering, and climbing in the summer. I enjoy hiking untracked mountains, such as the many un-named 13,000 foot peaks in Colorado. I appreciate the natural habitats in which I am able to practice my sports.[endsection]

[section=Running]I competed at a national level on the track during high school, earning a place to represent my county at the English Schools championships. I was an active runner throughout my undergraduate degree, before I switched to cycling[endsection]

[section=Cooking]I enjoy to cook healthily using good food. I am inspired by traditional and simple diets common in Europe that I was lucky enough to grow up eating.[endsection]


[section=I am a native British English speaker]but have picked up many of the variabilities in American English since moving to the USA four years ago. This puts me in a great position to write and edit text to be understood on both sides of the Atlantic.[endsection]

[section=I also speak conversational German]to a level that I can understand and be understood in most situations. Having lived and studied in Austria, and can also recognise and use regional differences in German speech.[endsection]


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