I have a lot of words stored on my hard-drive, and I thought they would be better hung out in the open air, lest they get stale. Categories are approximate!


Masters Dissertation Final – January 2010


Novel functions for integrins in neural development – May 2010

Development of the retinotectal map – May 2010

Vertebrate sarcomere assembly – May 2010

How development of the visual system leads to visual perception – April 2010

Developmental Biology:

An understanding of developmental processes provides the basis for regenerative medicine – May 2010

Developmental Biology – Limb patterning and the Neural tube – November 2009

Cancer Biology:

ASPP: a new family of tumour suppressor genes – May 2010

Regulation of gene expression requires multiple levels of control – May 2010

How oncoproteins regulate gene expression – May 2010


Understanding human specific pathogens – April 2010

The Evolution of the Genetic Code – November 2009