An ode to an old friend

In my travels across the globe, there have been few constant companions; few people or possessions that have endured all of my travels, trips, adventures and follies. To accompany me on more trips than even Bryan Alders could manage, now that’s saying something! But my faithful camera has, Until now. My camera, after one too many gravity assisted trips to the ground, decided to retire from duty.

The digital stamp of DSCF_12981 was the final memory to be burned into this camera. I thought it appropriate that the last photo taken should be the first to lead this eulogy. Its not special, or well composed; it’s ordinary. It probably wouldn’t have gained my attention normally. But nevertheless, this unfiltered, unedited, non-stagramed, unshopped  scene deserves recognition.


The sleek black metal body and chunky lens packed neatly into its frame was the perfect pocket companion. Sturdy but small, not too weighty, and easy to wield in one hand. The black carcass became ever more punctuated with slivers of silver where the paint had parted ways, to be left on a distant rocks, or scrapes of tree. Dings, dents and scratches now adorn its surface; memories of the places where its life was not the easiest.

The impressive array of buttons are now label-less; the informative text long since worn off. Now, the function each holds is known only to me. I can operate that thing with my eyes closed. With ski gloves on. Whilst riding one-handed down single-track, looking behind me to frame the picture. That camera and I have got along well. We’ve had some good times, and its going to be a difficult one to replace.

In memory, I was hoping to pull out some of the best shots: the best experiences I have lived with this little chunk of circuitry. These experiences have been relived time and again through its LCD screen, and again much later on my laptop, or even here on this blog. So, here is a few photos that plot the life of Fujifilm EXR550. Thanks for the memories. Literally.



Rowing boat in Clovelly Harbour, North Devon, UK

Climbing Peak to Peak highway, on route to Longs Peak. Colorado, USA

Pacific coast, Port Angeles, Washington USA