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  • The Exmoor Explorer

    The Exmoor Explorer

    The Exmoor Explorer is a ‘non-race’ around the amazing trails of Exmoor, starting from Minehead. What is a non-race, I hear you ask? Archaic English land laws prevent competitions on public rights of way. This means races are restricted to private properties, and anything using the extensive and fantastic network of trails we have has to […]

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  • Road riding on Exmoor – a biased review

    Road riding on Exmoor – a biased review

    The Exmoor coast is the most primitive shoreline left in England. The huge cliffs have protected 35 miles of coastline from development, and the result is one of the most one unique landscapes in the UK. The cliffs role inland onto huge flat-topped hills. The relentless atlantic storms and long winters have scoured the vegetation from […]

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  • Lee Bay

    Lee Bay

    I love Lee Bay. It’s tucked away between Ilfracombe and Woolacombe. You wouldn’t find it without looking, as it’s not on the road to anywhere. This is both in it’s favour, and the reason it’s had a hard time in recent years. When tourism relied on public transport (that is, before the motorcar), Lee was […]

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  • A walk along the Exmoor coast

    A walk along the Exmoor coast

  • Home for the Holidays

    Christa and I headed back to England for Christmas and New Year; it was a huge step for Christa to forego her own family to spend time with mine, and I’m so glad she did. Missing the holidays is a big deal, and one that I haven’t done yet. Having her in England was amazing […]

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  • Twelve Months, Twelve Photos

    January It all started with Dad and I driving across the UK, into France, through Belgium and Germany and ending up in a snow covered Tirolean valley. Innsbruck was now home, and we celebrated with a couple of days skiing just above the city. I couldn’t think of a better way to start living in […]

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  • Not the normal Monday morning

    Not the normal Monday morning

    6 am. Alarm goes off. An hour earlier than normal. I lie half awake but nowhere close to falling back to sleep. Busy day ahead. I do the normal routine; coffee, poached eggs on toast, and heading out the door. This week doesn’t hold five days of research, writing, lectures and seminars though. I’m going […]

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  • Christa Came to England

    Christa Came to England

    London, England. There’s a light flurry of snow on the motorway, and taillights are flashing in front of me as nervous drivers negotiate the increasing volume of traffic that appears in the shadow of the great city. I’m following road signs, an old fashioned and unpopular way to navigate in the age of mobile information, […]

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  • Back at it

    Back at it

    I’m back to riding a lot after the Christmas break, and it feels great! My experimentation with the cyclocross season ended well, and I’m hooked for life on that sport. It left me confused on fitness and motivation levels though. By the beginning of December I’d lost the sharp speed I needed for cross season, […]

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