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  • The Last Ride

    The Last Ride

    The weather in Colorado is anything but ambiguous. More so than most places 40 degrees from the equator, Colorado swings wildly from summer to autumn to winter, marked by huge weather ‘events’ (as the Americans like to call storms). Summer ended a long time ago – the weather bringing about the Golden transformation of the […]

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  • The Late Bus

    There are multiple ways to spend an evening. Spring days herald the first long rides into the dimming light. A summer’s night is spent riding late, eking out the hours of cooling temperatures as the sun drops below the mountains to the west. The Autumn gets overlooked. The light is fading; by 5pm the sun […]

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  • Riding on the golden carpet

    Riding on the golden carpet

    After our Mt Powell adventure on Saturday, we had a slow Sunday morning. I woke up early and got a great shot of the sunrise outside Christa’s house. We then drank coffee, watched the road world championships on TV, and planned a short bike ride to stretch our legs out after the long day before.

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  • Magic hour in Nederland

    Magic hour in Nederland

    Evening rides come in two kinds. First, there’s the frantic assembly on lycra pulled on after a stressful day; a ride sandwiched closely between the commute and darkness. These rides are the bread and butter of Spring and Autumn. They are what keeps the wheels turning when there isn’t another time to ride. The second […]

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  • The Exmoor Explorer

    The Exmoor Explorer

    The Exmoor Explorer is a ‘non-race’ around the amazing trails of Exmoor, starting from Minehead. What is a non-race, I hear you ask? Archaic English land laws prevent competitions on public rights of way. This means races are restricted to private properties, and anything using the extensive and fantastic network of trails we have has to […]

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  • Road riding on Exmoor – a biased review

    Road riding on Exmoor – a biased review

    The Exmoor coast is the most primitive shoreline left in England. The huge cliffs have protected 35 miles of coastline from development, and the result is one of the most one unique landscapes in the UK. The cliffs role inland onto huge flat-topped hills. The relentless atlantic storms and long winters have scoured the vegetation from […]

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  • Georgia Pass

    Georgia Pass

    I first rode Georgia pass during the six-stage Breck Epic race back in 2011. It came in the middle of the week, and I raced it in a blur – grinding up French Pass from Breckenridge, and not fully appreciating it. I finally went back to take a look a little closer. The day after the Firecracker, […]

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  • Missoula – First Impressions

    Missoula – First Impressions

    Keith, Bryan and I drove through all of Tuesday from Boulder up to Missoula, on the western Edge of Montana. The twelve hour road trip took us mainly on two roads. First, we sped north on Interstate 25 for 359 miles, before bearing slightly left, and then driving along Interstate 90 for the remaining 503 […]

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  • A few days in Edwards

    A few days in Edwards

    Christa and I had a mini “work from home” holiday last week. As Christa’s dad was getting a new spine put in, and therefore was forbidden from doing pretty much everything, we stayed up in Edwards to be house servants for a week. Among the standard cooking, a little bit of cleaning, and plenty of […]

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  • Up hardscrabble road – exploring Eagle’s singletrack

    Up hardscrabble road – exploring Eagle’s singletrack

    The GoPro games XC race was on Saturday afternoon. It took just one hour and twenty seven minutes to drain weeks of preparation into a hastily produced PDF sheet of results, with my name printed neatly on the 9th row. That hour and half of effort left me in restless tiredness all evening. Luckily I had a companion in […]

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