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  • Long weekend by the lake

    Long weekend by the lake

    Recently, I was reminded of something I  already knew, something that was floating in the back of my mind: Lake Garda is a mecca for cycling. Upon further investigation (read: my daily perusal of Google maps over coffee), I realised it wasn’t that far to go from Innsbruck. With a failure of other plans on […]

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  • Feeling the föhn

    Feeling the föhn

    I love local weather. It really defines a place in a way that you have to be physically present to experience. No matter what you read in travel books or online guides, you cannot experience the weather. You need to smells the smells and feel the wind on your back. The warmth of the sun […]

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  • Use Your Hour

    Use Your Hour

    You have an hour. I know you do. No matter how busy your life, no matter where you are. In any city, or corner of the planet. You have an hour to spare. And you need to use it. Life is easily lost in a blur of “have to” and “Must” But spare that hour; […]

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  • Settling In

    Settling In

    So what’s Austria like? Its about time for my first Innsbruck update. I’m sitting here looking up at the mountains, drinking a cup of tea. The same thing I’ve done almost every day for the last three years. Different mountain range, though, and very different perspective of life on this continent. I’ve been here in […]

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  • Back at it

    Back at it

    I’m back to riding a lot after the Christmas break, and it feels great! My experimentation with the cyclocross season ended well, and I’m hooked for life on that sport. It left me confused on fitness and motivation levels though. By the beginning of December I’d lost the sharp speed I needed for cross season, […]

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