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  • Mount Powell – 13,580 ft / 4,139 m

    Mount Powell – 13,580 ft / 4,139 m

    Mt Powell is the highest peak in the Gore Range at 4139 metres above sea level. We chose Powell for a reason. It’s central. The Gore Range is tucked quietly into the middle of Colorado’s adventure playground. On the east is Summit County, and to the southwest is Vail. Busy places. Yet the Gore are […]

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  • Booth Falls in the Gore Range

    Booth Falls in the Gore Range

    Christa and I have an adventure planned for later in the year; we want to hike the highest mountain in the Gore Range. The Mountains encircle the north western edge of Eagle county, forming the boundary with Summit county on the east. They are forgotten about; lacking the magical 14,000 foot peak, tourists attention is drawn elsewhere […]

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  • Midweek photo dump

    Midweek photo dump

    Life in Innsbruck isn’t half bad. I wonder/wander around this city each day with camera/phone/gopro in hand and snap away randomly at everything that takes my interest. Then those same photos sit on my hard drive and never see the light of day. I almost only write stories to accompany the special photos I take […]

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  • Year in review

    My twenty-third to twenty-fourth year on the planet. Here’s the review you’ve all  no one has waited for! My year in racing This was the first year in which I really dedicated myself to training. Since finishing as a runner, I haven’t had a coach, and never followed a training plan from start to finish. It has […]

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  • A walk in December

    A walk in December

    The 27th of December is a forgotten day. It sits nestled between Christmas and Hogmanay with nothing of its own to celebrate. Boxing day is marked with a family celebration of token exercise; a sedate and relaxed walk across the beach. But this day is quiet and anonymous. The perfect day for a walk. Combe […]

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