Embracing the pervasive cold

The pervasive cold has been reassuring. Settling into the routine of walking the dog in winter boots and ski gloves has breathed new life into the winter. The mad oscillations of temperature on the Front Range must be embraced in order to survive here, but some settled weather is appreciated, too.

Embracing those elements and living outside of our comfortable temperature range is a requirement in being present in the season. We surround ourselves with insulated bubbles; heated and air-conditioned cars; the office always at the right temperature; a neatly chopped and pile of wood destined to sate the wood burner. On occasion I need to move away from that.

I’ve started driving to work with my ski gloves and hat on. Breathe visible in wisps inside the car. The temperature has hovered around 10°F, roughly -15°C. The tired and barely appropriate adage, “But it’s a dry cold”, doesn’t hold true when it’s that low. The cold gets through the unintentional gaps in your clothing and reminds you of your own fragility. It’s needed.

Despite the cold, the irises in the garden are driving their heads through the frozen ground. Spring will be here soon. Few chances remaining to feel the inside of my nostrils freeze against the icy air. Few chances remain to hear the cold squeak of snow under my boots.

We’ll be back to fragrant, humid spring air soon. I’ll embrace that too. And the wild ride our weather will take us on in the meantime.