Getting away from it (and closer, too)

No agenda or destination was needed. We barely even had a plan at 2pm on Friday afternoon. Just an idea of what we wanted to happen and the desire to see if through. The desire to be away from everything. CTL+ALT+DEL for a weekend. Training wasn’t going to get in the way. Work wasn’t going to get in the way.

Life was put on hold.

Chicken was put on the grill.


Location was based mainly on distance from others. Drive north for an hour. Then head west. Follow the road, no matter where it wiggles. Whenever an option presents itself, take the least marked alternative. With a source of water, a covering of trees and a sheltered valley to protect us, we settled in for the weekend.


This is what we really came for.

Red Feather Lakes

We couldn’t resist but do a little bit of pedalling. Turns out the lady is pretty good. We did, however, ensure the pedal to smile ratio was correct, and chose only trails which guaranteed maximum rate of return on the effort invested. We succeeded.

Reward, as always must be perfectly chilled and served as soon as possible. And repeatedly.

I’m really looking forward to an Autumn of riding silly bikes for not-very-long, drinking beer, and making the most of those things which can easily be neglected in the summer.

Like chocolate and friends.