This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a long time, like 2 years long time. My first visit to Yellowstone was whirlwind, and without too much opportunity to venture far from the automobile, my enduring memory was the signposts. Everywhere. I fear this story may come off a little too negative, so I am going to add a disclaimer here; this northerly part of Wyoming is like nowhere else on earth. Go visit it, do it soon, and savour everything you can see. It makes you question the ground under your feet, which is rather rare in my geological experience.

So here are some of the more interesting warnings to not break their rules.

Perhaps this sign was neccessary – don’t all those suburbans tearing up the landscape. I was at least happy that the signs appeared hand made – I wonder what kind of person it takes to repeatedly chisel “do not” signs into wood?

It just looked like grass to me….

I always wonder why the human is walking and the dog is sitting still? Am I thinking too much into this one?

Sometimes one would assume common sense would be enough in a situation like this; mere feet from the 380 foot yellowstone falls, I didn’t fancy a swim. Maybe I’m overestimating the intelligence of the general populace.

Unsurprisingly in a place where foot travel is so severely restricted, bicycles might as well be torn from roof racks and crushed upon entry. My over-active mental “hike-to-bike” converter was going crazy on this one…

For all the warnings about bears, they fail to make bears look that scary. I think a big picture of a snarling bear with a small child hanging out of its mouth would do the trick

This signs was ironic – it was nearing 100 degrees F when I took this photo!

Why was this sign scribed in Comic sans? Perhaps finding a 200 pound tourist boiling in a mudpool would have some perverse humour to it?

Just don’t, OK?

So tempting!