Late Autumn in Boulder

The Aspen trees get all the attention in Colorado; their autumnal spread covers the mountainsides in hues of yellow and orange. Boulder is distinctly lacking in Aspens though; it’s too low. Instead the town is filled with trees planted since the city was built – a hundred years of arboreal beauty ranging from the huge oaks to smaller maples tucked in between. Along the creeks and drainage canals there are also many fantastic native Cottonwood trees. Their autumn swansong is just as majestic¬†as the Aspens, especially in Boulder where their colour lasts for over a month.


I went for a short run with Christa over the “red rocks” trail on Anenome hill. This chunk of hillside is completely closed to bikes, so I haven’t explore it much. It’s really beautiful though, especially when the leaves are falling and the water is running in the ditches.


This hill gives a unique look down across Boulder. The flatirons aren’t visible, which is hard to achieve in Boulder.


Lot’s of long grass after a wet summer – I hope next year will be as nice as this year.


I think the cottonwood trees deserve equal recognition as the Aspen for their beautiful contribution to the Autumn colours.