Leaving the PRB

On Monday I took up an invite to leave the bubble and take the 25 minute bus trip to the USA. Big step. Although I leave Boulder reasonably often, it is almost always up (in elevation) or away (in distance, to the Mountains). Rarely do I head into the city. Which is a shame, because Denver really is rather cool, and the city centre is small enough to explore on foot and take in before you get overwhelmed.

We drank beer as the sun set behind the mountains, which themselves were obscured by the industrial concrete of the lower downtown district.

Baseball is still an enigma to me. I could polemicise over the sport for a long time, but instead I will simply recount what happens in a baseball stadium. Advertising  happens; Its not like American football where the game is segmented into bite size chunks by the interjecting commercialism. In baseball, the continuous feed of branding is thrown at you as an ever-present side dish, to be consumed whilst occasionally taking in whatever action may or may not be happening on the field at the same time.

We had rockpile tickets. $4 a piece. Cheaper than a beer in the stadium. Although the worst in the stadium, they’re still plenty close enough to see the action.


The best Monday night all summer!