Settle: The word sometimes comes with negative connotations, especially in the competitive circles I associate with, but settling isn’t always a bad thing. Settling can be good. Settling is happening all over the Rockies at the moment; leaves are falling in more of a stampede than a flutter. The change of colours happened so fast this year.

The weather broke briefly at the beginning of September, but the hiatus of 90 degree days was so short that perhaps only the trees noticed it. They responded though, in all their magnificence. Just 12 months ago I enjoyed ten full days of progressive brilliance in southwest Colorado with Frank and Vicky. This year the viewing window decreased to a week at most. I’m glad I got the opportunity to go high enough to find the Gold.

The leaves are certainly more settled than I am at the moment. Living as an immigrant in a country which really does not like immigrants is one problem. Determining the long term is a whole other problem, but the solutions are intertwined, so I’m just focusing my energy on deciding what I want, and hoping the where comes along later. Anyway, this autumn is going to be all about long rides in beautiful places.

fresh air = fresh mind.