Tag: Boulder County

  • Super longs

    The mutual homeostasis normally present in conversations is often missing between Bryan, Blake and I: “Want to walk up a mountain?”    –  OK “Want to walk up a 14,000 foot mountain?”   –   OK “Want to ride 43 miles, hike up one of the hardest and longest 14,000 foot peaks in Colorado, then ride […]

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  • Settle

    Settle: The word sometimes comes with negative connotations, especially in the competitive circles I associate with, but settling isn’t always a bad thing. Settling can be good. Settling is happening all over the Rockies at the moment; leaves are falling in more of a stampede than a flutter. The change of colours happened so fast […]

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  • Trail work

    Trail work

    I had to stop, I couldn’t just flow on by. It was hard though; I’d only just got back in the groove and I didn’t know how long it was going to last. It had been stop and go all day – not more than 2 minutes of riding between trail work. We knew we […]

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