And the race season happens again

I can’t believe that these posts get earlier each year, but yesterday I pinned on my first number of the 2014 race season. Unlike years previous, where I’d been in snow chasing mode, I decided to pursue some bigger races around the country this year. The US Cup seems to have been resurrected with a big investment of cash on the line, and there’s lots of buzz around the Cross Country scene again, too. With all this going on, I wanted a slice of the action. The first of the series is next weekend, the 1st of March, in Austin Texas. Racing so early meant that I had to get my body in race mode. Training is all well and good, but it all comes down to making yourself hurt a lot. I’m quite good at that, but you can never make yourself suffer as much as when someone else is the one controlling the pain dial. So, I thought an early season road race was the answer to awaken the legs and put a little hurt in the system before the real racing begins next weekend.

Good things about having a girlfriend who's a roadie - a chance to look like you know what you're doing

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