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  • The Sellaronda Circuit

    What better way to end six months in the Alps than with one of the classic road rides; The Sellaronda Circuit.

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  • Giro Della Monte Baldo

    Giro Della Monte Baldo

    “well how far is it?” Is always a difficult question for a ride that I’ve never done before, but my enthusiasm prevented me from outright admitting I hadn’t the faintest idea. Instead I answered with “the map says…” And we set off to ride around the towering hulk that it Monte Baldo. Luckily for me, […]

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  • Water in the air

    Water in the air

    We arrived in Limone Sul Garda late last night. The drive down from Bruneck was a bit longer than we had expected, and we didn’t really pay too much attention to our last-minute booked hotel, other than for the fact it was just a little difficult to find. The town seems to consist entirely of […]

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  • Where to first?

    Where to first?

    First task for any road trip is to buy a map, but normally this is preceded by working out where on earth we might be going. To cover all eventualities we headed over to the book shop and had a browse around until we walked out with ‘central Europe’ plastered over a huge piece of […]

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