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  • The Green Season

    The Green Season

    Bikes. Bikes. Bikes. That’s what I talk about all the time. When I went back and read a couple of my older posts, I found another enduring theme: Weather and the Seasons. Growing up in Combe Martin, weather was the talk of the town. It changed often. More than anything else in the village’s thousand year […]

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  • One week in April

    One week in April

    Although I can’t believe it, we’re coming to the end of April, and with it Spring will slide seamlessly once again into summer. The days of spring in Boulder are numbered. Brief splashes of warm sunshine have played across the Mountains, accompanied by ever-increasing greenery in and around town. Between the warm breezy days huge storms have […]

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  • Feeling the föhn

    Feeling the föhn

    I love local weather. It really defines a place in a way that you have to be physically present to experience. No matter what you read in travel books or online guides, you cannot experience the weather. You need to smells the smells and feel the wind on your back. The warmth of the sun […]

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