Use Your Hour

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You have an hour. I know you do. No matter how busy your life, no matter where you are. In any city, or corner of the planet. You have an hour to spare. And you need to use it. Life is easily lost in a blur of “have to” and “Must”

But spare that hour; condense your ‘essentials’ into 23 chunks of living and use the 24th wisely.

The hour itself is the least of your worries; its all in the planning. That puncture on your bike is your fault. You fix it as fast as you can, wondering how the clock has accelerated into a blur of minutes passing. Sooner than you want, that 60 minutes has turned into 45, and your happiness quota has dropped by 25%.

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So prepare. Clean your running shoes. Oil the chain of your bike. Pack your swimming stuff before work. Make dinner ahead of time. Do what you have to. Your hour needs no interruptions.

So, now you’re here. You’ve done the hard parts: the planning and preparation. Go out and live like you mean it. Stop and look at the view, then pedal faster to make up for it. Take the unknown turn into the forest. If you don’t now, when will you? Run faster, or pedal quicker. Leave everything out there. I can guarantee when you’re sat at home later in the dark, you won’t be wishing you spent less time pedalling or backed off just a little bit, just to be safe. Safe Smafe. No one likes safe.

Fresh air makes life better. Find your fresh air. Climb a mountain. Ski down it. Swim in the sea. Jump off a higher rock. Pedal, paddle, kick, pull, climb HARDER. Make it count. Make it happen.

Your life only takes 23 hours. Use the extra one to LIVE.

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