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  • Why Am I in Europe This Time?

    Why Am I in Europe This Time?

    For the last three years, racing a World Cup has been my goal. An obsessive goal that I had to fulfill. I’m here in England, and I will be lining up for my first World Cup in Germany next weekend. It started as a frustration: I was sat on the trainer doing intervals, and I was […]

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  • The Baddick – Callaway Wedding

    My Brother is a married man! A whirlwind trip to England started with a fantastic stag do (that’s a Bachelor Party, Americans) organised by Frank’s good friends Richard and Keiran. I’d been feeling like I was failing in my best man duties when they started organising the festivities, but I soon realised that they were […]

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  • The Exmoor Explorer

    The Exmoor Explorer

    The Exmoor Explorer is a ‘non-race’ around the amazing trails of Exmoor, starting from Minehead. What is a non-race, I hear you ask? Archaic English land laws prevent competitions on public rights of way. This means races are restricted to private properties, and anything using the extensive and fantastic network of trails we have has to […]

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  • The Odiham Experience

    The Odiham Experience

    Trevor and Sarah have been my friends for the last five years. At least. Their friendship predates the scribblings of this blog, but if I think hard enough, I can still remember things that happened prior to the internet. When I was at the University of Bath, they were the first people who experienced the […]

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