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  • The Sellaronda Circuit

    What better way to end six months in the Alps than with one of the classic road rides; The Sellaronda Circuit.

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  • Val Di Sole

    Val Di Sole

    The drive from Garda to Val di Sole was immensely beautiful. The road from the lake quickly darted up a side valley, and we found ourselves in the surrounds of huge forested slopes. Big clouds again aided the definition of the contours, and it wasn’t long until we’d climbed up through Madonna di Campiglio and […]

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  • Giro Della Monte Baldo

    Giro Della Monte Baldo

    “well how far is it?” Is always a difficult question for a ride that I’ve never done before, but my enthusiasm prevented me from outright admitting I hadn’t the faintest idea. Instead I answered with “the map says…” And we set off to ride around the towering hulk that it Monte Baldo. Luckily for me, […]

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  • Water in the air

    Water in the air

    We arrived in Limone Sul Garda late last night. The drive down from Bruneck was a bit longer than we had expected, and we didn’t really pay too much attention to our last-minute booked hotel, other than for the fact it was just a little difficult to find. The town seems to consist entirely of […]

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  • Where to first?

    Where to first?

    First task for any road trip is to buy a map, but normally this is preceded by working out where on earth we might be going. To cover all eventualities we headed over to the book shop and had a browse around until we walked out with ‘central Europe’ plastered over a huge piece of […]

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  • Treading water

    Treading water

    Sometimes its hard to work out what happened in the time between last seeing my girlfriend. I have a record of it right here on this site, and its useful to look back and think about what I actually occupied myself with whilst so much of my mental capacity was taken up with waiting. It […]

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