Early Spring in the high country

After almost a month of spring-like weather, the protective snowy blanket covering the hills is slowly lifting. March always gives us a glimpse of the good weather to come, but frequent spring storms ensure that it’s another six weeks until things become rideable. Now the weather is predictable; the Front Range is already in early summer, with the thunderstorms that go with it, but higher up, the flowers are yet to bloom, and the trees are devoid of leaves.


It won’t be too long until the Aspens get their new coat of fresh green leaves, the grass starts growing, and the trails become sandy. Right now though, it’s sparse and bare in the hills. The trails are damp and tacky, and the lack of vegetation means you can see a lot further than normal. With a couple of spare weekends without races, I’m hoping to spend as much time up high as possible in the next two weeks.