Spring 2015: version 1.0

Spring is happening in Boulder. The clocks have changed to summertime, the weather has improved and there are flowers poking their eager heads through the snow.

But we all  know it won’t last. Spring happens in fits and starts here on the front range, interrupted by huge dumps of wet snow. This little burst of Spring will be replaced by a wintery storm in a week or two, and the hillsides will once again be inaccessible for a while. It’s the time of year when the mountain bike starts taking all the attention from the skis, and I relive the rides from last year. Remembering the trails I didn’t quite get to before the snow started falling. Those will be the first trails that I seek out this year.

With an extra hour in the evening has come more time on the bike – something I’m very happy about after taking time off for my Brother’s wedding. This time last year I’d already jumped head first into racing (down in Texas), so it’s refreshing to be in Boulder with no pressure to compete yet. My fitness is already above where I was last year, and I still have almost 6 weeks til racing will happen.