Tag: Colorado Trail

  • Georgia Pass

    Georgia Pass

    I first rode Georgia pass during the six-stage Breck Epic race back in 2011. It came in the middle of the week, and I raced it in a blur – grinding up French Pass from Breckenridge, and not fully appreciating it. I finally went back to take a look a little closer. The day after the Firecracker, […]

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  • The Iron Horse Classic

    The Iron Horse Classic

    The Iron Horse Classic MTB race, scheduled for Sunday, was cancelled due to bike eating mud. From arriving in Durango on Friday until the race at 8:30am on Sunday, low clouds hung over the valley. Occasional glimpses of the high country revealed a fresh sprinkle of white on the peaks. Bryan and I warmed up in […]

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  • Classic

    Within three days of moving to Colorado, I was made aware of Kenosha Pass. For a while, it held a magical place in my mind; only ever mentioned with the most amazing of cycling experiences. Each person that had been fortunate to have ridden its hallowed dirt came back with stories of above treeline wonder […]

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