Bryan finally popped the question

One week in April

Although I can’t believe it, we’re coming to the end of April, and with it Spring will slide seamlessly once again into summer. The days of spring in Boulder are numbered. Brief splashes of warm sunshine have played across the Mountains, accompanied by ever-increasing greenery in and around town. Between the warm breezy days huge storms have […]


A weekend in Southern California. Part 2

The Bonelli park ProXCT was an experience – it marked the change in me from being a wannabe pro rider, to actually chasing points and prizes around the country. A big step; a big change in commitment of both time and money.


The Spring Forward

The clocks changing is a universal marker for the changing of the seasons. Nothing else so clearly signals the ending of winter and the beginning of spring than finding every time-telling device you use and bumping it one hour forward. Or more accurately in this modern age, waking up that morning and having no idea […]

Thoughts and frustrations with the bike industry

I normally refrain from putting out my actual thoughts and opinions on the internet. I save this blog for happenings and doings rather than rants, because generally there is enough people to opine about their strong feelings. Those that know me well enough can listen to all this when they see me in person. I […]


I hate writing a monthly post – it’s an acknowledgement of my failure to update my blog regularly. But with photos racking up, and other adventures planned for the end of the month, I need to fill in the gaps before October gets forgotten about entirely.

Bike house

Bike house a video by Chris Baddick on Flickr.

Page numbers

  Humanities graduates, so goes the scathing scientific viewpoint, hate the classification of persona’s into theories, facts and numbers. Yet it has been those more trained in the arts than sciences, that have given most weight to the lovely analogy of the book of life. The chronologue of ones life, neatly compartmentalised into chapters, each […]

Touristing at home

Theres no better occasion to tourist at home than when you’re showing someone all the things that you grew up taking for granted. A fresh set of eyes opens your mind up to the family and familiar things that should be looked at a little closer. Although more recently going home to Devon has always been for […]


Christa Came to England

London, England. There’s a light flurry of snow on the motorway, and taillights are flashing in front of me as nervous drivers negotiate the increasing volume of traffic that appears in the shadow of the great city. I’m following road signs, an old fashioned and unpopular way to navigate in the age of mobile information, […]