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  • Riding on the golden carpet

    Riding on the golden carpet

    After our Mt Powell adventure on Saturday, we had a slow Sunday morning. I woke up early and got a great shot of the sunrise outside Christa’s house. We then drank coffee, watched the road world championships on TV, and planned a short bike ride to stretch our legs out after the long day before.

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  • A few days in Edwards

    A few days in Edwards

    Christa and I had a mini “work from home” holiday last week. As Christa’s dad was getting a new spine put in, and therefore was forbidden from doing pretty much everything, we stayed up in Edwards to be house servants for a week. Among the standard cooking, a little bit of cleaning, and plenty of […]

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  • The end of Autumn

    Christa and I took a brief trip up to Edwards this weekend to relax at the Ghent household. We’ve both been going non-stop for the last few weeks, and it was a relief to have a weekend with very little to do. Since collegiate nationals last weekend I’ve been suffering with the obligatory post-race cold. […]

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