I gave my camera to Erika to take some group photos, and she ended up taking my favourite photo of the day.

Riding on the golden carpet

After our Mt Powell adventure on Saturday, we had a slow Sunday morning. I woke up early and got a great shot of the sunrise outside Christa’s house. We then drank coffee, watched the road world championships on TV, and planned a short bike ride to stretch our legs out after the long day before.

Sunrise over the hills south of Edwards. Waking up early and having a coffee in the crisp morning air was worthwhile


We decided to ride the A10 loop. It’s about 12 miles of trail that circles up from Arrowhead Ski resort, then drops down a long ridge back into Edwards. The ridgeline can be seen from Christa’s house, and that was the breakfast inspiration to head up there, rather than driving further afield to ride. We had a slow start, and after lots of discussion around clothing, we got on the trail.

This is Bryans "can't smile, must look pro" face. It happens often when I point a camera his way

The golden leaves were just starting to loose their grip of the branches above. We had a golden carpet of fresh dropped leaves that got swept up and carried with us as we "shredded" the trail

Heading towards Mud Springs, and the ridge that would take us to the trail. Clouds started building early in the ride, and the sun was doing battle against a brisk wind coming from the south

This is Colorado. We didn't see any other riders until we descended back into Edwards. NO-ONE else enjoyed this amazing trail on the prime colour changing weekend of the year

The ride was fast, with regular stops to ogle at the trees. I'm glad it wasn't fast with the state of my legs!

Erik was a welcome addition to our little pedaling crew. He has a shiny new bike to play with and it was great to see that he new how to use it.

I didn't take many photos on the way down. I subscribe to the idea that the best and worst trails never get photographed. This trail was one of the best.

Christa popping out the bottom of the trail with a huge grin on her face. She lives for adrenaline more than she'll ever tell you - sometimes I forget this until we do little things like this. It's awesome.