Tag: straight roads

  • East


    The sun isn’t gaining much height at the moment. Its warmth is in colour only. Straight roads allow plenty of time for contemplation. The mountains frame my mood – they are the distance. The lines smudge seamlessly into the horizon – that’s where we’re going Empty and wide.

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  • Peer Pressure

    He looks at me with an expressionless stare, then turns away and shakes his head. “Well, I gotta train” Those are the only words spoken. I know he’s right. This short exchange happened an hour into my ride today. I was hurting. I’ve ridden hard all week – pushed myself through trainer sessions that I […]

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  • Down by the River

    I arouse from my heavily sedated state. For the second time. My Brother who has brought me a cup of tea two hours earlier is heading out of the house for a run. Its nearly 10am. Jetlag. I lug my lead-weighted body down the stairs and see the bacon already cooked and another cup of […]

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