Bikes at night.

Last year we organised an end of the season night ride around the South Boulder trails. Starting in town,we rolled out to Marshall Mesa just as everyone else was finishing their after work ride. We ended the evening at the Southern Sun; South Boulders very own brewery. It went down well enough that Sam decided an impromptu rerun was needed.

Marshall Mesa, South Boulder
We gathered on the University campus amid the new students arriving in Boulder, negotiating nervous drivers and wary parents. Soon enough, though, we were free from town and pedalling up the tame trails of Marhall Mesa

Marshall Mesa, South Boulder
We hit the Golden hour perfectly; the ‘community ditch’ is a drainage that diverts water from South Boulder creek, and it provides the access to the more enjoyable sections of trails above.


Sunset over the Flatirons from Marshall Mesa
We got a colour show over the Flatirons as the golden light turned into a real sunset. We sat around and sessioned a couple alternative lines on the trails, then headed on into the darkness.


Night riding on the Dowdy Draw trail in Boulder
I love night riding. Trails you ride every day become brand new; small challenges can be completely reimagined.