Running out of time

There is a undercurrent of panic among my Mountain Biking friends. The clouds descended last week, covering Boulder in a film of dew, coating the trees in an erie layer of humidity. The temperature dropped and the wind blew in the smell of fresh, wintery air. It barely dipped into trousers weather, but the change […]

Bryan finally popped the question

One week in April

Although I can’t believe it, we’re coming to the end of April, and with it Spring will slide seamlessly once again into summer. The days of spring in Boulder are numbered. Brief splashes of warm sunshine have played across the Mountains, accompanied by ever-increasing greenery in and around town. Between the warm breezy days huge storms have […]

Raymond is a little gem tucked away in the hills west of Lyons. You wouldn't find it without looking

The Raymond Experience

Weekends of relaxation aren’t my style. Even though I’ve not been feeling 100% for a couple of days, I wanted to make the most of the weekend. It’s hard to feel in tip-top shape all the time, and I need to remind myself that training is all about stressing your body until it responds by […]

The views of late winter

Sometimes I feel like I’m fighting the seasons. I’m not in tune, not living according to the chapters that nature has set out for us. This winter has been dominated by the drive to be fast on my bike this summer. It’s a pursuit I’m really enjoying – I feel like I’m living for something […]

Soaking it all in.

Boulder flooded last week. Whilst at first, the wailing sirens and notices of evacuation all seemed very american drama queen for this Englishman used to the rain, in the end it turned out to have a pretty devastating effect on the surrounding area.


Bikes at night.

Last year we organised an end of the season night ride around the South Boulder trails. Starting in town,we rolled out to Marshall Mesa just as everyone else was finishing their after work ride. We ended the evening at the Southern Sun; South Boulders very own brewery. It went down well enough that Sam decided […]


The Boulder Update

It’s been a whirlwind landing back in Boulder after nine months away. Coming into Denver via Iceland was a breeze, and I’m going to recommend IcelandAir to anyone who will listen from now on. My bikes came out of the airport machinery looking a little mangled, but a quick check over reassured me they were […]


Life lines

The beckoning of spring has caught me by surprise. In winters past, both in England and Colorado, the onset of my favourite season has happened in a day. That fantastic day when you awake to birds singing, only to suddenly realise there are buds on the trees and the sun has real warmth that has […]