Had a pretty amazing Birthday; thanks to everyone who wished me a happy one. Particular mention will have to go to Levi, Sarah, Mike and Trevor who put on a whole birthday meal for me – Sarah even made a cake! (picture to be included at a later date!)

My main birthday present from the Parents was a new digital camera. I can’t claim to be an amazing photographer, but then thats not the reason I take photos. I love to document all the fun times I’ve had, so I can share them with the people not there to enjoy it themselves, and secondly to enable vicarious re-enactment at a later date. My last digital camera has taken over 4000 photos, and due to being randomly slung in my jersey pocket, filled with mud, water, sand and powdery snow it is now less than capable of capturing the scene.

My new camera is another Fuji; I think the lens and the zoom on them are fantastic for a compact camera, and the picture quality is plenty good enough for my purposes. Heres a few examples from the walk today with Mum and Dad: