Breck Epic day 0

I’m going to be breaking the one big rule I have for my blog and writing some really boring and detailed race reports from the Breck Epic this week. Well boring if you’re not a bike rider that is. Hopefully they’ll provide some details on a pretty cool race.

If you’re unfamiliar, here are the numbers:

6 days

240 miles

37,000 Feet of climbing

It goes a little bit beyond that though. With each day starting and finishing in Breckenridge at an Altitude of 2700m above sea level, the elevation is the biggest challenge for anyone who isn’t a local. Even coming from Boulder, a mere 1200m lower, its going to be tough. My British lungs are slowly atuning to the thin air of colorado, but I’m still going to be at a disadvantage. The field this year is strong: the lack of prize money may  have deterred the world class pro’s, but a strong field of national standard XC racers and endurance specialists will be lining up. As this is my first stage race, I’m rather apprehensive about keeping my body and bike in good order for the entire week. I know that the first stage will be a challenge in avoiding hitting the danger zone of heavy breathing and hurting muscles. I know that the leaders are going to hit the stage hard, and with my aim of a top 15 finish at the end of the week, I’ll have to be conservative.

So with a patching internet connection up here in Breck, I’ll be doing my best to update daily on not just the racing, but also the challenges and pleasures of racing the same people day in day out for six days.