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  • Early Spring in the high country

    After almost a month of spring-like weather, the protective snowy blanket covering the hills is slowly lifting. March always gives us a glimpse of the good weather to come, but frequent spring storms ensure that it’s another six weeks until things become rideable. Now the weather is predictable; the Front Range is already in early […]

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  • Devil’s Backbone trail: Remembering how to Mountain Bike

    I got my new bike from Boulder Cyclesport in the middle of February. The earliest I’ve ever got a new bike. It was great. But there was also a problem. There weren’t any trails (within a six-hour drive) dry, and I wasn’t about to destroy a brand new bike in Colorado’s special blend of snowy-sand-slush. […]

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  • Spring 2015: version 1.0

    Spring is happening in Boulder. The clocks have changed to summertime, the weather has improved and there are flowers poking their eager heads through the snow.

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  • Back on the horse – Mid winter miles

    Back on the horse – Mid winter miles

    The fifth of January marked the end of my sloth-like Christmas. Three weeks of binging on cake and drinking endless cup of tea had to eventually cease. I started riding again this week, and the weather in Boulder has treated me very well so far. We’ve had a mixed week of snowy nights and dry […]

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  • An escape to the desert

    Colorado: the Rocky Mountains slice the state in half. The east is a never ending expanse of grassland rolling for hundreds of miles towards Kansas: an unknown land not explored by most who live on the Front Range. To the west of the Rockies, the high desert sprawls in sharp red sandstone mesas towards Utah. The […]

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  • The Last Ride

    The Last Ride

    The weather in Colorado is anything but ambiguous. More so than most places 40 degrees from the equator, Colorado swings wildly from summer to autumn to winter, marked by huge weather ‘events’ (as the Americans like to call storms). Summer ended a long time ago – the weather bringing about the Golden transformation of the […]

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  • The Late Bus

    There are multiple ways to spend an evening. Spring days herald the first long rides into the dimming light. A summer’s night is spent riding late, eking out the hours of cooling temperatures as the sun drops below the mountains to the west. The Autumn gets overlooked. The light is fading; by 5pm the sun […]

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  • A cyclocross update

    A cyclocross update

    It’s been a couple of weeks since I last updated the race results. The cross of the north series was fantastic, with two good races over two days, and then some family time with Christa’s grandparents too. Since then, I’ve raced at Valmont here in Boulder, and also two days this last weekend in Broomfield […]

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  • The Cross of the North 2014

    The Cross of the North 2014

    The Cross of the North is a series of three events held at the Budweiser events centre near Loveland, Colorado. Rather than settling for the standard format of two races over two days, the promoters stepped up, rented some floodlights and made the main event a night race on Friday evening. I did some serious […]

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  • Golden opportunities.

    Golden opportunities.

    The Colorado Cyclocross season starts in earnest the first week of September, and juggernauts its way through the rest of autumn at full speed. Lining up this weekend was unnerving – I hadn’t really put in the time on my bike like some people, and I didn’t know what to expect.

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