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  • The back of Boulder County

    The back of Boulder County

  • One week in April

    One week in April

    Although I can’t believe it, we’re coming to the end of April, and with it Spring will slide seamlessly once again into summer. The days of spring in Boulder are numbered. Brief splashes of warm sunshine have played across the Mountains, accompanied by ever-increasing greenery in and around town. Between the warm breezy days huge storms have […]

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  • Food for freewheeling

    Food for freewheeling

    The last three days have been sandwiches. I like sandwiches. The early sunrise that is beckoning spring has moved my internal dials towards an equally early rise, with the effect that riding in the mornings has actually been possible. The beginning of the week hailed optimistic thoughts of riding without the preface of layering clothes […]

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  • East


    The sun isn’t gaining much height at the moment. Its warmth is in colour only. Straight roads allow plenty of time for contemplation. The mountains frame my mood – they are the distance. The lines smudge seamlessly into the horizon – that’s where we’re going Empty and wide.

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