Food for freewheeling

The last three days have been sandwiches. I like sandwiches.

The early sunrise that is beckoning spring has moved my internal dials towards an equally early rise, with the effect that riding in the mornings has actually been possible. The beginning of the week hailed optimistic thoughts of riding without the preface of layering clothes for 20 minutes. The windy warm days are a perfect sandwich of a morning spin, followed by the immense productivity that only comes when that incessant exercise bug has already been sated.

The other slice of bread has been warm golden evenings. Some quirk of meteorology around here makes the wind calm drastically after 4pm. Perfect timing. I live in perhaps the only house where I can come home and pick any roommate to ask the question “you want to ride up Magnolia?” and get an affirmative answer.

Wayne and I managed to get out the door within 5 minutes of the question being asked, and we dodged traffic on the canyon to get to the climb. Garmin told me we got to 21% up-ness in places. I’ll take it.

Sitting 1000 metres above Boulder with the sun bouncing off the Continental Divide, and the pink hue being chased across the plains below by the advancing shadows was a great way to end the day.

And I’m still hungry. I will be sandwiching rides into every corner this spring and summer. Bring on the sunshine.