Touristing at home

Theres no better occasion to tourist at home than when you’re showing someone all the things that you grew up taking for granted. A fresh set of eyes opens your mind up to the family and familiar things that should be looked at a little closer. Although more recently going home to Devon has always been for holidaying, it’s still a different experience when you’re the tour guide for the uninitiated.

Christa on Hangman

And so it was when Christa kindly paid me a visit to the homeland, that I took on the happy role of combined tourist and guide. On the one hand, I was going to places I’d been many a time before, and I was the one with all the info and history to share. But simultaneously, I was also living my own itinerary, renewed by Christa’s new perspective on old places.


I was completely refreshed by the time Christa left, and happy to have shown her ‘home’. Eight days were certainly too short, but I’m pretty certain her visit isn’t going to be an isolated one.