This update comes in the form of photodump. Memorial day weekend was used to meander our way into Durango for the Iron Horse Classic, and have a jolly good time making the most of a long weekend.

Mt. Antero on the Left and Mt. Princeton on the right. Both 14ers, both devoid of snow for this time of year. The arkansas valley is BIG and the clouds were moving fast

Wolf Creek pass throws you head on into the Archuleta valley – a stretch of green mountainy wonderfulness that eventually lands you in Pagosa Springs. I’m never experienced it without a protective autovehicular wrapping. I’m change that at some point.

That is Durango. The photo is taken from one of the best trails I’ve ridden all year. Smoke from big fires in New Mexico was mixing with strong winds blowing up the valley to create crazy weather and beautiful light. Good time of the year to be in the Southwest.

Our stay in Durangoland was made possible due to the hospitality of the O’Block family. Here is the Katie variety of the O’Block species, showing her immense pleasure of being back in her hometown. I might starting listing their family as one of my sponsors….

The Colorado Trail. Find it. Ride it. I will, at somepoint, Ride the whole thing from A – B

Scrub oak defines the lower slopes of the Animas valley and surrounding areas. It seems to trap in the heat on the narrow singletrack making little tunnels of awesome.

Skids are for kids, These two are big kids; it didn’t take much persuading for them to go back and rail this corner again for the benefit of the camera

Over the top of La Veta pass and into the Cuchara valley. I’ve only driven this way once before – the map says its the longest way back from Durango, but we were aiming to avoid the dreading memorial weekend traffic, and thus took the route with the most passing. The ancillary benefits were worth it.

To lessen the pain of leaving Durango, the weather was kind enough to welcome us back to the Front Range with a beautiful sunset. Green trees are rare enough here that they need to be savoured before that savage sun destroys them.